Ootoro Ichiba offers prized produce of premium quality, sourced for flavour and freshness from the oceans of Japan, Australia and the Pacific.

Oyster Bar

Gobble up a glorious array of oysters at Ootoro Ichiba.

Pull up a seat and slurp down! Ootoro Ichiba Offers briny beauties from Bruny Island, Kangaroo Island, Moonlight Flat, Miyake Oyster, Sydney Rock Oyster. Go select your favourite molluscs and matching sauces.

Sushi & Sashimi

Select your favourite nigiri and California Rolls to go.

The plentiful packs of freshly prepared Sushi and Sashimi with choice cuts of snapper, kingfish and salmon is a popular family friendly and entertaining solution. Prized Otoro Tuna makes a star appearance in the sushi selection as Chef Yomoda insists on only premium cuts of fish for Ootoro Ichiba.


Nothing defines luxuriousness like a seafood platter and Ootoro Ichiba does the ultimate in a big grand platter.

Go the glam with special menu offerings of Foie Gras and Caviar packs or look for top of the line Bluefin Tuna or perhaps a Reef ‘n’ Beef with an added Wagyu Steak Bento Box? The world is your oyster with menu selections from Ootoro Ichiba!